Eat in tokyo

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Eat in tokyo!

Eating Japanese beef in Tokyo!
You go to Japan!

Manger du bœuf japonais à Tokyo!

Vous allez au Japon !
Japans rundvlees eten in Tokio!
Jij gaat naar Japan!

Americans come to Japan!

Study abroad, sightseeing!
You go to Japan!
Едим японскую говядину в Токио!
Вы едете в Японию!

Japanisches Rindfleisch in Tokio essen!

Du gehst nach Japan!

Japanese beef dishes

*Quoted/Reprinted from YouTube/Aden Films.

You go to Japan!

Japan has delicious beef!

Wagyu(和牛) beef is delicious!

But the whole world is in a feeding boom!
There are only a few days left when you can eat meat!