Tokyo? GAY forest!

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GAY forest!
There is a forest in Tokyo where gays grow wild. Tokyo is a dangerous city. People with the same sexual preferences gather in Tokyo from all over the world.
Il y a une forêt à Tokyo où les gays poussent à l’état sauvage. Tokyo est une ville dangereuse. Des personnes ayant les mêmes préférences sexuelles se rassemblent à Tokyo du monde entier.
In Tokio gibt es einen Wald, in dem Schwule wild leben. Tokio ist eine gefährliche Stadt. In Tokio treffen sich Menschen aus aller Welt mit den gleichen sexuellen Vorlieben.
Er is een bos in Tokio waar homo’s wild groeien. Tokio is een gevaarlijke stad. Mensen van over de hele wereld verzamelen zich in Tokio met dezelfde seksuele voorkeuren.
Tokiossa on metsä, jossa homot kasvavat villinä. Tokio on vaarallinen kaupunki. Ihmiset, joilla on samat seksuaaliset mieltymykset, kokoontuvat Tokioon kaikkialta maailmasta.

Tokyo’s Mysterious Forest Area

*Quoted/reprinted from YouTube/Nyanta Travel.
Now Japan has started to open up the country to foreigners. The number of foreign visitors to Japan is increasing.

How is it?

Would you like to provide tourism services for your own citizens in Japan?

Japanese cannot speak English!

If you have a few thousand dollars, you can do business worth tens of thousands of dollars in Japan.

You come to Japan!

In particular, there are few LGBT-related services!
If you have LGBT rentals, hotels, and bars, you can succeed!
Maintenant, le Japon a commencé à ouvrir le pays aux étrangers!
Le nombre de visiteurs étrangers au Japon est en augmentation!

Comment c’est?

Souhaitez-vous fournir des services touristiques à vos propres citoyens au Japon ?

Les japonais ne savent pas parler anglais!

Si vous avez quelques milliers de dollars, vous pouvez faire des affaires valant des dizaines de milliers de dollars au Japon.

Vous venez au Japon !

En particulier, il existe peu de services liés aux LGBT!
Si vous avez des locations, des hôtels et des bars LGBT, vous pouvez réussir!

You come to Japan!

Do business in Japan! Japanese is easy!

Find your partner quickly!

The United States will go bankrupt within a few years anyway!
This is the truth that the Chinese, Japanese and Russians know. Borrow money from a bank and do business in Japan before the US goes bankrupt!

You can succeed!

US bankruptcy within a few years!

Debt will disappear!

Young Americans, borrow as much money as you can and come to Japan!

The depreciation of the yen in Japan is a miracle!

More than double the value of your dollar!
Japan has strict laws!
Under the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty (a treaty in which Japan obeys the United States), Japan protects the rights of Americans more than Japanese!

Foreigners are free in Japan!

As long as you don’t speak ill of Japanese people and Japanese culture, all Japanese treat Westerners with respect!