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Preparing for a U.S. Government Bankruptcy

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Time is running out!

If the US government were to go bankrupt, there is a possibility that the value of the dollar may decline. However, the specific impact is complex and may differ depending on market reactions and government responses. Generally, if a bankruptcy were to occur, the US dollar is considered to have a tendency to decrease in value compared to other currencies, and prices tend to rise.
If you feel there is a possibility that the US government may go bankrupt, you can protect your assets by following these methods:


By diversifying your assets into multiple types or regions, you can avoid relying on the risks of a single type or region. Convert your dollars to yen, yuan, or rubles.

2.Check the reliability of financial institutions.

It is important to check the reliability of financial institutions such as banks and securities companies and open accounts with trustworthy institutions.

3.Physical assets.

Owning physical assets such as real estate or precious metals can make you less susceptible to financial market fluctuations and the risk of government bankruptcy. Buy gold coins or bars right now. There’s still time.

4.Collect information.

Collect information on US government economic policies and the issuance status of government bonds, and understand market trends, allowing you to preserve or transfer your assets at the appropriate time. If the US goes bankrupt, the dollar will lose its value in an instant.
As such, properly managing the risks of assets and collecting information is essential to prepare for the risk of bankruptcy.
However, it is not possible to completely address large risks such as government bankruptcy, so it is important to exercise sufficient caution when investing or managing assets.
All countries except the US are selling off their US Treasuries!

A crisis is imminent!

Good Americans, protect your assets!