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Special Lecture on Love University !

 How to Create Time Alone with Your Crush !

Creating alone time with your crush may be difficult for many people. Here are some tips that may help in such situations.

1.Create conversation starters.

It is important to show interest in your crush and create a conversation starter. You can start a conversation by finding common topics or asking about their hobbies and interests.

2.Invite friends.

You can plan group events or activities with your crush and friends. This will help you spend time with them in a casual setting, rather than just being alone together.

3.Respect their schedule.

It is important to ask for a convenient time for your crush and respect their schedule. Trying to force time together when they are busy may come off as stalkerish. Instead, suggest meeting when they are available.

4.Confess your feelings.

Finally, it is important to express your feelings to your crush. It takes courage to confess your feelings, but it will help you confirm their feelings as well. However, be prepared for the possibility of rejection, and respect their feelings by being okay with being friends if they don’t reciprocate your feelings.
We hope these tips will be helpful in your love life!