Is everyone around you stupid?

The Soul World
The Soul World

I think that many people do not have the opportunity to meet their relatives unless it is a wedding or a funeral. I am the same, but I attended a relative’s wedding reception last week and met many relatives who live far away for the first time in a long time. There were many people I had not seen in a long time, and when I think about it calmly, there will be many people who I will not meet again.
Perhaps because many of my relatives live in the countryside where they cannot even speak standard English, I feel that they are simple and good people. However, every time I meet them, I am shocked to see everyone becoming stupid. The older people age rapidly and their expressions become dull. Even young people have been standardized like worker ants.
Everyone worships a non-existent world, believes in the doctrine of the world, and lives according to the beliefs of the world. They believe the information given to them from TV and SNS as if it were the word of God, and all their criteria for good and bad, superiority and inferiority, are imposed on them by society.
I was looking forward to telling people I had not seen in a long time that I had become incredibly healthy and improved my abilities compared to before by eating only one meal a day, giving up meat and fish, and stopping snacking on sweets, but their reaction is always the same. “Wow!” “Isn’t it tough?” “Isn’t life not fun if you don’t eat?” “Mom, there’s no fun in making meals, is there?” “I couldn’t do it.” “That’s impossible.” This is their standard reaction, and I can tell they are not interested at all. And as a conscious response, young people who should be less influenced by society than others, make silly faces and eat the snacks prepared on the table one after another, saying “You really can’t live without eating delicious things!”
And before I know it, I also have the same conversation as everyone else, and they also become in a good mood. Then the wedding reception progresses with a performance that appeals to society, laughter, applause, and tears. If you see a little ingenuity in the performance, you say, “You were different” or “You had personality.
However, it becomes clear that they live every day in a state of anxiety and dissatisfaction, being obese, having children who are shut-ins, doing unpleasant work, suffering from health problems, and feeling helpless.
While it is sad to see people who have done good things for me when I was little gradually becoming foolish and being eroded by society, it is sincere for me as an individual to recognize the scariness of the world and to break it down. This is something I feel in response to their forgetfulness and sacrifices.
I am thinking about my life in Japan!