Special Lecture on Love – How to Hold Hands on a First Date –

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The act of holding hands enters a private realm for both parties involved, so it is necessary to consider the appropriate timing and the other person’s feelings.

Here are some common ways to hold hands!

1.Offer your hand naturally while talking comfortably.

One way is to naturally offer your hand during a conversation. For example, when the conversation is lively or when looking at the scenery together, it is good to find a timing where you can naturally reach out your hand.

2.Send a sign to the other person before offering your hand.

Another way is to send a sign to the other person before offering your hand. For example, by showing your hand during the conversation or lightly touching their shoulder or arm, you can create a prelude to holding hands.

3.Wait for the other person to offer their hand.

If there is someone waiting to hold hands with you, you can wait for the other person to reach out their hand. In this case, when the other person offers their hand, it will be a natural flow to offer yours as well.
Regardless of which method you choose, always be aware of the other person’s feelings and reactions and try to hold hands naturally.