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“Love University Special Lecture – How to shorten the distance with the person you like

-Item Introduction-
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-Item Introduction-

In order to shorten the distance with someone you like in a romantic context, the following advice is important.

1.Communication is key.

It’s important to increase opportunities to talk to the person you like and actively engage in communication to find common topics.

2.Increase opportunities to meet in familiar places.

Finding common interests or activities to participate in together can help shorten the distance. Also, increasing opportunities to meet through common friends at school or work can be effective.

3.Show interest in the person you like.

Showing interest in things that the person likes and talking about them together can increase intimacy. Also, small gifts or letters can be effective.

4.Invite them on a date.

Actively inviting them on a date to a place you both like or a place they are interested in is important to shorten the distance. It’s also recommended to go on a date during the day in a well-lit area close to school or work.

5.Don’t miss the timing.

It’s important not to miss the timing when trying to shorten the distance with someone you like. Approaching them directly can increase the likelihood of them being interested in you.
Please refer to the above advice and make an effort to shorten the distance with the person you like.

Invite whoever you like!

You must respect the opposite sex!
Embark on a journey to meet true love!

Life is short!

But love is forever!