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F-35 flies!2023!

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Latest military information- War and weapons of the 21st century-
Latest military information- War and weapons of the 21st century-The Soul World
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In 2023, a fleet of F-35 Lightning II and F-22 Raptor stealth fighters suddenly flew over the US Air Force Academy in Colorado!
This U.S. Air Force annual event was held as part of an Air Force officer training program that requires the ability to calmly assess situations in sudden situations!

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En 2023, une flotte de chasseurs furtifs F-35 Lightning II et F-22 Raptor a soudainement survolé l’US Air Force Academy dans le Colorado.
Im Jahr 2023 flog plötzlich eine Flotte von F-35 Lightning II und F-22 Raptor Tarnkappenjägern über die US Air Force Academy in Colorado.

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W 2023 roku nad amerykańską Akademią Sił Powietrznych w Kolorado nagle przeleciała flota myśliwców stealth F-35 Lightning II i F-22 Raptor.

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В 2023 году флот истребителей-невидимок F-35 Lightning II и F-22 Raptor внезапно пролетел над академией ВВС США в Колорадо.

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Ядерная война!
Выстоят ли русские?

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