Rebel against the times

The Soul World
The Soul World

To go against the times with a rebellious spirit is essential for both individuals and society to progress. To create new ideas and innovative technologies, it is necessary to challenge existing ideas and methods.
A rebellious spirit provides the freedom to explore the possibilities for the future without clinging to past successes.
Furthermore, a rebellious spirit is essential to achieving social justice. In the past, discrimination and oppression were at the heart of society, but people with rebellious spirits were able to change the situation through protests and movements.
Today, it is still necessary for people facing inequality or injustice to stand up with a rebellious spirit and strive to improve society.
A rebellious spirit is not only a force for creating new ideas and technologies, and improving society, but it is also necessary for individuals to achieve self-fulfillment.
To pursue one’s own beliefs and achieve one’s dreams and goals, regardless of the prevailing trends of the times, a rebellious spirit is essential.