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Japan is facing many problems. The following are my thoughts on some of these issues.
Regarding employment, long-term employment, called “lifetime employment,” is common in Japan. However, recently, the harsh business environment of companies has made it difficult for young people to find jobs, and the problem of overwork, leading to death from overwork, is also present.
Concerning the economy, Japan’s GDP is the third-largest in the world, but long-term low growth continues, and efforts to revitalize the economy are needed.
Discrimination is not widespread in Japan, even though it is not a multiethnic country. However, discriminatory language and actions towards minorities, particularly foreign workers, are problematic.
Concerning the educational system, in Japan, academic credentials have a significant influence on social status and employment. People who cannot attend high school or university may find themselves in socially disadvantaged positions, so it is necessary to respect social diversity.
In terms of gender equality, while women’s social advancement in Japan has progressed, the gender wage gap persists, and it is noted that there are high hurdles for women to continue their careers.
Regarding unhealthy media, some mass media may create a sense of unease in society by reporting scandals or excessive information. Additionally, reporting lacking ethical considerations or satire may cause social problems.
In Japan’s corporate society, there is a tendency to prioritize relatives and friends when hiring, which can result in talented individuals with experience not being employed, leading to a decline in corporate performance and competitiveness.
Thus, various problems exist in modern Japan. It is necessary to address these issues as a whole society. To tackle these problems, efforts are required at various levels.
For instance, concerning employment, companies and the government need to promote policies that encourage youth employment and improve working conditions. Additionally, laws and education must create a society that respects diversity to tackle discrimination.
In terms of the educational system, a shift towards a society that values skills and experiences beyond academic credentials is necessary. By accepting diversity in human resources, companies can produce more creative ideas and new business models.
Gender equality requires creating an environment where women can continue their careers easily. Childcare support and creating a system that allows women to balance work and family are necessary.
To conclude, Japan faces various issues, and society as a whole must work together to address these problems.