Knowing Mount Fuji

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Knowing Mount Fuji(富士山)!

Mount Fuji is a representative mountain of Japan and considered one of Japan’s symbols. It has an altitude of 3776 meters and its beautiful natural landscape, together with the surrounding Fuji Five Lakes, is attractive.
Furthermore, Mount Fuji is an object of worship in Japanese faith. It has been revered as an object of mountain worship since ancient times, and the belief in Mount Fuji has spread.
Every summer, climbing Mount Fuji is conducted through various entrances such as the Yoshida entrance in Yamanashi Prefecture and the Fujiyoshida entrance in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Although it requires both physical strength and determination to climb the mountain, the view from the summit is overwhelmingly beautiful and inspiring.
In addition, Mount Fuji is a great spot to enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, such as sunset and sunrise.
Especially during summer nights, stargazing events are held where you can enjoy the starry sky and Mount Fuji.
Mount Fuji is one of Japan’s representative scenic spots, loved by many people for its beauty, abundant nature, and historical background.