How diligent poor people can achieve economic success

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How diligent poor people can achieve economic success

1.Increasing income

To earn a higher income, it is important to improve professional skills or abilities and enter new fields. Having additional income sources such as side jobs or investments can also be beneficial.

2.Saving money

To achieve economic success, it is necessary to save wisely. Developing a habit of saving a certain amount of money from monthly income and preparing for unforeseen circumstances in the future is crucial.

3.Avoiding debt

Borrowing money, such as high-interest credit cards or loans, can cause an increase in debt. Try to avoid borrowing or keep it to a minimum.


Investing plays an important role as a source of income in the long term. However, investing involves risks, so it is necessary to research thoroughly and consider carefully before investing.

5.Smart spending

Controlling monthly expenses and avoiding unnecessary spending is also important. Set a budget and prioritize necessary expenses.

6.Creating a financial plan

Creating a financial plan based on future goals and lifestyle and balancing savings, investments, and expenses is crucial.
By practicing these methods, it is possible to achieve economic success in life. However, economic success cannot be achieved overnight and requires continuous effort.