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Talk about life in Japan!

Saturday, December 3, 2022!

i live in japan In Japan, autumn is over and winter has arrived!
Coronavirus is trending in Japan. Vaccination is also progressing, and the death toll is increasing!
Japan has resumed accepting foreign tourists, and there are many foreign tourists in the city!

It is cold in Japan this year!

It looks like we will have a lot of snow in Japan this year!
Also, utility bills are rising, making life difficult for Japanese people!
The reason is…
The world is in turmoil!
War in the EU, fear of nuclear war, financial crisis originating in the United States, mysterious pathogen, conspiracy!

Japan is never peaceful!

But the Japanese are still alive today!
And you are alive!
And now it is snowing in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region!


piling up!
It will also fall on your heart!
You are looking for life!
Then go on a trip!
Japan is waiting for you!