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You travel to Tokyo, Japan. Inspiration, traditions, cities, different cultures, food!
Vous voyagez à Tokyo, au Japon. Inspiration, traditions, villes, cultures différentes, nourriture !
Du reser till Tokyo, Japan. Inspiration, traditioner, städer, olika kulturer, mat!
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Sie reisen nach Tokio, Japan. Inspiration, Traditionen, Städte, verschiedene Kulturen, Essen!
Je reist naar Tokyo, Japan. Inspiratie, tradities, steden, verschillende culturen, eten!
Вы едете в Токио, Япония. Вдохновение, традиции, города, разные культуры, еда!

【Eat tokyo

*Quoted/Reprinted from YouTube/ absent abroad.
You go to Tokyo!
Tokyo is interesting!
Then go to Rebun Island!