Eat in tokyo

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Eat in Tokyo!

You eat in Tokyo!

A big city representing Asia!
You know!

Eet in Tokio!

Je eet in Tokio!
Een grote stad die Azië vertegenwoordigt!
je weet wel!

Mangez à Tokyo !

Vous mangez à Tokyo !

Une grande ville représentant l’Asie !
Tōkyō !
vous connaissez!

Essen Sie in Tokio!

Sie essen in Tokio!
Eine große Stadt, die Asien repräsentiert!
Tokio! du weißt!
You know the wide world!
America is a huge island nation!
wake up!

【Eat in tokyo

*Quoted/Reprinted from YouTube/ Hachiko District.
The Harajuku neighborhood of Tokyo is home to countless great street food spots, cafes and restaurants – we’ve rounded up some of our favorites all located within easy walking distance of Harajuku Station or surrounding stations. From 3D Pokemon latte art and gold leaf topped bubble tea, to traditional Japanese savory pancakes and super thick meat-loaded pizza slices, you’ll want to spend the whole day eating your way through the area! Stay tuned for our other food-focused Japan guides!
You go to japan Let’s find out!
Hotel & Flight!


University student!


Young men and women who are worried about life!
Come to Japan!
There is an answer!