Daily life of Japanese restaurants

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Daily life of Japanese restaurants!

Many women work in restaurants in Japan. Many Japanese women live in the service industry. And the service industry in Japan is an excessive service and a distorted industry.
Dagelijks leven van Japanse restaurants!
Veel vrouwen werken in restaurants in Japan. Veel Japanse vrouwen leven in de dienstverlenende sector. En de dienstverlenende industrie in Japan is een buitensporige dienstverlenende en een vervormde industrie.

Le quotidien des restaurants japonais !

Beaucoup de femmes travaillent dans des restaurants au Japon. De nombreuses femmes japonaises vivent dans le secteur des services. Et l’industrie des services au Japon est un service excessif et une industrie faussée.
Alltag japanischer Restaurants!
In Japan arbeiten viele Frauen in Restaurants. Viele japanische Frauen leben in der Dienstleistungsbranche. Und die Dienstleistungsindustrie in Japan ist eine übermäßige Dienstleistung und eine verzerrte Industrie.

Japanilaisten ravintoloiden arkipäivää!

Monet naiset työskentelevät ravintoloissa Japanissa. Monet japanilaiset naiset asuvat palvelualalla. Ja Japanin palveluala on liiallinen palvelu ja vääristynyt toimiala.

Daily life of Japanese restaurants

*Quoted/reprinted from YouTube/Paolo from TOKYO.
A day in the life of a Japanese waitress in Tokyo working at a Japanese teppanyaki restaurant. This is a typical work day for a waitress in the Japanese food industry and the typical working hours in Japan. Japanese restaurants. Working in Japan is quite unique and depending on the industry may be a bit different from job to job, but many of the jobs also share similar characteristics. The video follows Yuki in her typical japan work day from morning until the evening and Everything that happens in between at work. She arrives at the teppanyaki restaurant when it opens and leaves when it closes, very typical for Japanese restaurants. Yuki is a waitress at Pandora, a Teppanyaki restaurant, Japanese style flat grill, which has been a local favorite since 1972 serving Kobe beef steaks and teppanyaki course meals. During her time working as a full-time waitress, she learned the importance of reading and anticipating the customers need It’s a strong part of a Japanese omotenashi culture, a deep and honest form of hospitality, treating customers with respect without asking for anything in return. So for her, even a smile from her customers brings her true joy. of the main reasons why in Japan tips at the end of the meal are very uncustomary.
The service industry in Japan has low labor productivity, which has become an economic problem!

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De dienstensector in Japan heeft een lage arbeidsproductiviteit, wat een economisch probleem is geworden!
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