2022 Lake Mead’s secret revealed

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In 2022, a World War II landing boat was found in the United States’ largest artificial reservoir, Lake Mead, where water levels have dropped due to extreme drought.
Due to the prolonged drought in the southwestern United States, water levels have dropped to unprecedented levels on Lake Mead.
In 2022 werd een landingsboot uit de Tweede Wereldoorlog gevonden in het grootste kunstmatige stuwmeer in de Verenigde Staten, Lake Mead, waar het waterpeil is gedaald als gevolg van extreme droogte.
Door de langdurige droogte in het zuidwesten van de Verenigde Staten is het waterpeil op Lake Mead tot ongekende hoogte gedaald.

2022 Lake Mead’s secret revealed

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Las Vegas Review-Journal.
A previously sunken World War II-era landing craft that was a popular Lake Mead diving spot and once was 185 feet below the lake ’s surface, is being exposed as waters keep shrinking. (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

If you’re an American, go to Lake Mead!

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Als je Nederlander bent, ga dan naar Lake Mead!
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