Until the pasta is made

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Until the pasta is made!

You know a Japanese pasta factory!
Jusqu’à ce que les pâtes soient faites !
Vous connaissez une usine de pâtes japonaises!
Totdat de pasta gemaakt is!
Je kent wel een Japanse pastafabriek!

Bis die Pasta fertig ist

Sie kennen eine japanische Nudelfabrik!
Fino a quando la pasta non è fatta!
Conosci un pastificio giapponese!

The Japanese are people who eat rice!

However, after losing the war with the United States, the food culture of eating wheat noodles such as pasta has taken root. (Results of US management of Japan) The westernization of Japanese food supports the wheat industry in the United States!
De Japanners zijn mensen die rijst eten!
Echter, na het verliezen van de oorlog met de Verenigde Staten, heeft de eetcultuur van het eten van tarwenoedels zoals pasta wortel geschoten. (Resultaten van het Amerikaanse management van Japan) De verwestering van Japans voedsel ondersteunt de tarwe-industrie in de Verenigde Staten!

The Making of Spaghetti and Macaroni

* Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / SCIENCE CHANNEL (JST).
This edition of the series of programs explaining the technology used to produce items that are familiar in our daily life features’Spaghetti and Macaroni’. The’durum semolina’ flour that is used exclusively for pasta is mixed with water in a mixer to produce dough From start to finish, the products are never touched by human hand. The program introduces the whole pasta-making process through to wrapping and shipping. From start to finish, the products are never touched by human hand.
You will know how pasta, macaroni and spaghetti are made!

And I want to eat

You look up pasta online!