In 2022, an aircraft carrier to counter the U.S. Navy takes office

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In 2022, the Chinese Navy’s aircraft carrier, which opposes the US Navy, took office!
The Chinese Navy’s new aircraft carrier “Fujian” challenges the United States and its allies!
En 2022, le porte-avions de la marine chinoise, qui s’oppose à la marine américaine, prend ses fonctions!
Le nouveau porte-avions « Fujian » de la marine chinoise défie les États-Unis et leurs alliés !
ВМС Китая стремятся использовать авианосец на практике, извлекая уроки из неудач ВМФ России (ВМФ СССР)!
Они бросают вызов ВМС США!
Im Jahr 2022 trat der Flugzeugträger der chinesischen Marine, der sich der US-Marine widersetzt, sein Amt an!
Der neue Flugzeugträger „Fujian“ der chinesischen Marine fordert die Vereinigten Staaten und ihre Verbündeten heraus!
In 2022 trad het vliegdekschip van de Chinese marine aan, dat zich verzet tegen de Amerikaanse marine!
Het nieuwe vliegdekschip “Fujian” van de Chinese marine daagt de Verenigde Staten en hun bondgenoten uit!
The Chinese Navy is strengthening its armaments to unify Taiwan (Republic of China) by force!

They are prepared to fight head-on with the US Navy!

Its appearance resembles that of the prewar Japanese Navy!

 China launched type-003 Fujian

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Aircraft Carriers of The World.
China is completely independent design and construction of the first catapult aircraft carrier the type-003 Fujian. China’s third aircraft carrier launching ceremony was held on the morning of the 17th. Approved by the Central Military Commission, China’s third aircraft carrier was named Fujian, Ship of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy, with the hull number 18. Fujian is the first catapult-type aircraft carrier designed and built by my country.

The Chinese army is studying the US military

They usually mounted an electromagnetic catapult on a powered aircraft carrier!
They are trying to build a line of defense to Hawaii from a defense perspective!

Het Chinese leger bestudeert het Amerikaanse leger!

Ze monteerden meestal een elektromagnetische katapult op een aangedreven vliegdekschip!
Ze proberen een verdedigingslinie naar Hawaï op te bouwen vanuit een verdedigingsperspectief!