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Max Headroom Incident!

On November 22, 1987, Chicago sportscaster Dan Rohn gave highlights of the Chicago Bears’ victory over the Detroit Lions!
This is a regular corner that has been going on for years in the WGN (Channel 9) news program Nine O’Clock News!

However … 21:14!

Suddenly, Dan Loan disappeared from the screen. Not only him, but all the patterns of the game disappeared, and it became pitch black. Fifteen seconds later, a completely unrelated new person appeared.
Découvrez l’incident de la prise radio qui s’est produit aux États-Unis le 22 novembre 1987 !
Erfahren Sie mehr über den Vorfall mit der Funksteckdose, der sich am 22. November 1987 in den Vereinigten Staaten ereignete!
Kom meer te weten over het radiojackincident dat plaatsvond in de Verenigde Staten op 22 november 1987!
Узнайте об инциденте с радиорозеткой, который произошел в США 22 ноября 1987 года!

Who is he?

He disappeared beyond the oblivion of the people!

Max Headroom 1987

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / andrew867.
Now with subtitles! Let me know if you have any corrections to them! Thanks to Natasha Helen Crudden for some updated captions!

Hacking Max Headroom

The content is strange and the motive is also a mystery!
The criminal has not been arrested yet!