Cursed island

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Cursed island!

A mysterious phenomenon occurs in which people disappear one after another!

Cursed island!

The legend of this island dates back to the 1630s!
Un phénomène mystérieux se produit dans lequel les gens disparaissent les uns après les autres !

Île maudite !

La légende de cette île remonte aux années 1630!
Er doet zich een mysterieus fenomeen voor waarbij mensen de een na de ander verdwijnen!

Vervloekt eiland!

De legende van dit eiland dateert uit de jaren 1630!
Aan het einde van de 20e eeuw landden respectievelijk Nederlandse en Duitse civiele expedities die het verhaal van dit “vervloekte eiland” hoorden op het eiland, maar de expedities raakten vermist!

【Evaitenet island-No one can return】

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / JohnY Jr Cena.
n Kenya on Rudolf’s lake there is Envaitenet’s island that in translation from el molo tribe language, the lake living on coast, means “irrevocable”. Not one decade the island costs to thrown: nobody wants to lodge on it, and it must be said, on it there are bases. Unlucky new settlers.
There passed several years, history with disappearance of people began to be forgotten, and once on the island several families of the tribe el molo which bothered to beat off attacks of aggressive neighbors nomads decided to lodge.
Sometimes life of new settlers flew quite measuredly: they built the small village, often went to stay for a while to relatives on the coast, changed the caught fish for bread and milk, invited relatives to themselves … But once the relatives who came on a visit on the island found only the empty village, extinct fires and the decayed fish. Where from a small island several tens people could be gone? And again this question was left without answer … Mysterious disappearance The first mysterious incident which is documentary recorded in archives of local police belongs to 1935. At that time the ethnographic expedition studying customs and life of the tribe el molo worked at the lake. Englishman V. Fush directed expedition. Once he sent on the island of two colleagues – M. Sheflis and B. Dayson. Several days everything was normal: every evening in agreed time they gave the signs the lit lamps meaning that at them everything is all right. Then signals stopped and when in two weeks concerned by long absence of companions several members of expedition went to the island, they with surprise noted that Sheflis and Dayson … disappeared. It is more than that: no traces indicating stay here people were revealed! Local authorities provided the plane which made several days flight of the island. Then people of the tribe el molo, tempted with huge remuneration, in literal sense turned each stone on the island. But neither remains of members of expedition, nor any objects which could shed light on their disappearance it was not found. The island inhabited by monsters. The oldest mention of “the bewitched island” and the people disappearing from it belongs approximately to the 1630th years.
Then on Envaitenet’s island several families of natives lodged too, and among the fertile nature population of the village began to increase quickly. One seemed strange: on the island there were no animals and birds. Only violent vegetation of some extraordinary bright emerald shade, hill smooth, as if polished, stones of brown color which had “tendency” to appear, to disappear, and still strange sounds which islanders heard each new moon: the terrible, chilling shouts whether an animal, whether the person turning into lingering groan which usually lasted from several minutes to an hour. Over time some parts of the island became inaccessible for people: branches of trees very firmly intertwined with next and became firm as if stone, forever blocking to persons interested an entrance deep into sushi. But visions which visited residents of the village at night were the most frightening. It were fancy color images of the unusual beings who are bearing a faint resemblance to people: over the village the whole sketches after which people lay for hours as though in a coma “were played”, not in forces to stir. The most sad that after similar “representation” to someone from natives surely there was a misfortune: people became cripples, being traumatized literally from scratch, and even perished, having got poisoned with absolutely fresh fish, got blood poisoning from an insignificant cut or, being excellent swimmers, sank in waters of the quiet lake. Over time began to seem to residents of the village that their island is inhabited by the terrible monsters cannibals not similar on one animal who was known to them.
Such monster appeared directly before the person at the most unexpected moment, and here everything decided how quickly the native runs. The poor creature should have stood gaping slightly, and he was literally dissolved in air together with the awful thief. Several juvenile children were gone from under a nose at the mothers, and it was not succeeded to find them. Life in once prospering village became intolerable, besides its inhabitants appeared in a peculiar isolation: relatives from the coast, on the skin the tested delights of hospitality of islanders, did not hurry to them with visits. And when in several months several concerned el molo nevertheless came on rafts to the island, it turned out that the village is empty.
However nothing indicated traces of fight or urgent departure of inhabitants: onions and arrows were accurately put in a corner of each hut. Ruins of the magic city.
There are in local legends also mentions of mysterious fire, vomited by the certain steep pipe on the island covered with “the clapping cover” and the corridors going deeply to an earth subsoil. There, according to legends, “fire sowing(End of citation and reprint)

The world is wide!

The world is surrounded by darkness!
And you aim for Rebun Island in Japan!

Le monde est vaste !

Le monde est entouré de ténèbres !
Et vous visez l’île de Rebun au Japon !