Brooklyn Transformers

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Brooklyn Transformers!

Sci-fi movie!

A man who poses in a cool costume!
He is a performance artist living in New York, USA, Peter Coquis!

Transformateurs de Brooklyn !

C’est une personne populaire à NY !
Brooklyn Transformers!
Hij is een populair persoon in NY!
Er ist eine beliebte Person in NY!

Transformers Made of Trash

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / The Atlantic.
There’s nothing, it would seem, that Peter Kokis can’t turn into a robot. The Brooklyn performance artist makes cyborgs out of 100 percent recycled materials—oftentimes salvaged from the trash. He builds the 170-pound costumes on his kitchen table. When he’s done, Kokis parades through the streets, a veritable Transformer among mortals.

Brooklyn Transformers!

He is a popular person in NY!
Transformers is a Japanese anime!
You go to Japan!
See Gundam in Yokohama!