Parody video of the movie “Titanic”

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Parody video of the movie “Titanic”!

Un film parodique du film “Titanic” !

Ein Parodiefilm des Films “Titanic”!
Een parodie op de film “Titanic”!
Speaking of the movie “Titanic”, the scene of making a “T” pose on a ship is famous!

Timeless shipwreck romance!

What if the heroine was a cat?

Romance de naufrage intemporelle!

Et si l’héroïne était un chat ?

Movie Titanic!

An episode of a woman who survived the sinking of the luxury liner Titanic!
“Titanic” is a big hit all over the world! Love romance based on true stories!

Movie Titanic parody video

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / OwlKitty.

You want to go on a cruise!

I want to go to Hokkaido!
You aim for Rebun Island and Rishiri Island!

Vous voulez partir en croisière !

Je veux aller à Hokkaido !
Vous visez l’île de Rebun et l’île de Rishiri !

Je wilt op cruise

Ik wil naar Hokkaido!
Je mikt op Rebun Island en Rishiri Island!