Good Meat, whose stock price is exploding!

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Good Meat, whose stock price is exploding?

Currently, the popularity of cultured meat is skyrocketing!
Can’t you eat beef, pork or chicken anymore?
Now, in the United States, the artificially cultured meat market is about to be born!

Viande de culture artificielle !

La concurrence est en surchauffe dans le monde maintenant !
Gardez un œil sur les cours des actions sur le nouveau marché !
Kunstmatig kweekvlees!
De concurrentie in de wereld is nu oververhit!
Houd de aandelenkoersen in de nieuwe markt in de gaten!

Künstliches Zuchtfleisch!

Der Wettbewerb in der Welt überhitzt jetzt!
Behalten Sie die Aktienkurse im neuen Markt im Auge!
Искусственное культивированное мясо!
Конкуренция сейчас в мире перегревается!

First Cultivated Chicken Breast in the World

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / GOOD Meat.
That’s why we invited these students from Camp Asia’s Super Chef masterclass to have the first taste of our new cultivated chicken breast at this historic dinner. We’re proud to be supporters in educating, inspiring and feeding young minds to create a better future for our planet.
Learn more at

Artificial cultured meat

Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not permit the sale of cultured meat!
However, Good Meet has already submitted an application for that, and the FDA is working on it in earnest!

Wildtype on NTV – 2021

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Wildtype.
Tune into NTV on Monday, May 31st at 9pm JST for this special report about sustainability and the future of seafood!

Artificial cultured meat!

Competition is overheating in the world now!
Keep an eye on the stock prices in the new market!