American ghost fleet plan to sail automatically

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An American ghost fleet plan to sail automatically!

The identity of the ghost ship is the unmanned surface ship “NOMAD” that the US Secretary of Defense “Strategic Capabilities Office” is experimenting with in collaboration with the Navy!
Already departed from the Gulf of Mexico and succeeded in sailing 8200 km to the west coast via the Panama Canal!
Except for the narrow and dangerous canals, 98% of the voyages were completely automatic!
The experiment was conducted as part of the “Ghost Fleet Overload Plan” implemented by the Strategic Ability Bureau!
The plan aims to collect data on a new class of Navy called “USV / Unmaned Surface Vessel” and reduce technical risks!
Des navires fantômes sans pilote sont infestés dans l’océan Atlantique et l’océan Pacifique. Quelle est cette identité ?
Une flotte fantôme américaine prévoit de naviguer automatiquement !


Onbemande spookschepen zijn besmet in de Atlantische Oceaan en de Stille Oceaan. Wat is die identiteit?
Een Amerikaanse spookvloot is van plan om automatisch te varen!
Unbemannte Geisterschiffe sind im Atlantischen Ozean und im Pazifischen Ozean verseucht. Was ist diese Identität?
Eine amerikanische Geisterflotte plant, automatisch zu segeln!
Obemannade spökskepp är angripna i Atlanten och Stilla havet. Vad är det för identitet?
En amerikansk spökflotta planerar att segla automatiskt!

The Future for Unmanned Surface Vessels

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Military TV.
U.S Navy Unmanned Surface Vessel USVs | Seahawk Autonomous Vessel | Over the past two decades, the military roles and contributions of unmanned vehicles have grown dramatically, and this trend appears likely to continue. However, unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) maritime vehicles uninhabited by personnel that maintain continuous, substantial contact with the surface have received less attention and investment than unmanned vehicles that operate in the air, on the ground, or under the sea. But in recent years, unmanned surface vehicles have become increasingly important for military operations.

Fully autonomous US fleet

The world is about to enter World War III!
Flotte américaine entièrement autonome !
Le monde est sur le point d’entrer dans la Troisième Guerre mondiale !