Unexplored Zao in Japan

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Unexplored Zao(蔵王) in Japan!

Zao inexploré au Japon !

Le ski se déroule en hiver à Zao !
Tu connais Zao !

Unexplored Zao in Japan!

Skiing is held in winter in Zao!
You know Zao!
Unerforschtes Zao in Japan!
Skifahren findet im Winter in Zao statt!
Du kennst Zao!

Onverkende Zao in Japan!

Skiën wordt gehouden in de winter in Zao!
Je kent Zao!
Zao Town(蔵王町) is a town that belongs to Katta District in the southern part of Miyagi Prefecture. Located at the foot of the Zao mountain range!


ZAO กำลังรอคุณอยู่
Zao is the object of worship of Miyagi prefecture people!

TBS Discovery PRO “Okama”

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Masayoshi Noguchi.
The “Okama” is in area with an altitude of 1674m of the central part of the “Zaou” mountain range in “Miyagi” Prefecture. The volcano erupted in 1182. And the crater was covered with water in 1820 and afterwards, and the present lake was completed. Water quality is the acidity of pH = 3.5 and a living thing does not live at all. I took aerial video in the very windy environment which has not been experienced until now. Wind velocity is 7 or 8 m / sec (25 or 28km / h). I think that it was not able to fly when it was Phantom.
You know Zao!

Skiing in Zao

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / ZAO seasons.
You go to Japan!
You go to the Tohoku region!
Japan is waiting for you!

【蔵王 / ZAO】

Vous partez au Japon !
Vous allez dans la région de Tohoku !
Le Japon vous attend !

Jij gaat naar Japan!

Je gaat naar de Tohoku-regio!
Japan wacht op je!