Japan Hokkaido trip alone

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Japan Hokkaido trip alone!

Voyage Japon Hokkaido seul!

Японское путешествие на Хоккайдо в одиночку!
Alleinreise nach Japan Hokkaido!
Japan Hokkaido reis alleen!

เที่ยวญี่ปุ่น เที่ยวฮอกไกโดคนเดียว

Hokkaido is wide!
Hokkaido is an island!
You go!
You travel alone in a foreign country!

Hokkaido est large !

Hokkaido est une île !
Tu vas!
Vous voyagez seul dans un pays étranger !
You are lost in your way of life!
You have no goal to live now!
At that time, it’s a trip!
Go on a journey!

Vous êtes perdu dans votre mode de vie !

Vous n’avez plus de but à vivre maintenant !
A cette époque, c’est un voyage!
Partir en voyage!

My solo trip to Hokkaido, Japan’s wild north

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Sorekara Melancholy.
This is all about my memories of this early summer. I was fed up with the rainy season in Tokyo, and suddenly had an idea to go north. The Japan’s wild north, Hokkaido. I started my trip from Kushiro. Visited Kiritappu, Kushiro Shitugen National Park, etc. Then I spent a few days in Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido, and ended up in Biei, which is called one of the most beautiful villages in Japan. There are many spots in Biei. Seven Star Tree, Blue Pond, Tokachi-dake, etc. Amazing place!
Notes on traveling in Hokkaido.

You come to Japan

Security in Japan is good!
Even women can travel alone!
You come to Japan!
Vous venez au Japon !
La sécurité au Japon est bonne !
Même les femmes peuvent voyager seules !
Vous venez au Japon !


Je komt naar Japan!
Veiligheid in Japan is goed!
Zelfs vrouwen kunnen alleen reizen!
Je komt naar Japan!