Lake Fuji

Japanese lake
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Lake of Mt. Fuji!

Fuji Five Lakes!

Lake Yamanaka!
You know the lake of Mt. Fuji!

Lac du Mont Fuji !

Fuji Five Lakes!
Lac Yamanaka !
Vous connaissez le lac du Mont Fuji !

See des Berges Fuji!

Fuji Fünf Seen!
Der Yamanaka-See!
Sie kennen den Fuji-See!


Lake Yamanaka is a freshwater lake located in Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru(南都留) District, Yamanashi Prefecture(山梨県)!

One of the Fuji Five Lakes!

With an area of ​​6.57km2, it has the largest area of ​​the Fuji Five Lakes!
In addition, the altitude of the lake surface is the highest among the Fuji Five Lakes and the third highest in Japan as a whole!
The water depth is 13.3m, which is the shallowest of the Fuji Five Lakes!
Le lac Yamanaka est un lac d’eau douce situé dans le village de Yamanakako, district de Minamitsuru, préfecture de Yamanashi!

L’un des Fuji Five Lakes!

Avec une superficie de 6,57km2, il possède la plus grande superficie des Fuji Five Lakes !
De plus, l’altitude de la surface du lac est la plus élevée parmi les Fuji Five Lakes et la troisième plus élevée du Japon dans son ensemble !
La profondeur de l’eau est de 13,3 m, ce qui est la moins profonde des lacs Fuji Five !
De vijf Fuji-meren liggen rond de berg Fuji, een van de belangrijkste bergen van Japan!
Fuji Five Lakes ligger runt berget Fuji, som är ett av Japans ledande berg!

Fuji Five Lakes / Lake Yamanaka(山中湖)

* Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Yatsugatake21_4K_Japan.
Lake Yamanaka is a freshwater lake in Yamanakako Village, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture.It is one of the Fuji Five Lakes, with an area of 6.57km2, the largest area among the Fuji Five Lakes. The altitude of the lake surface is the highest in Fuji Five Lakes and is the third highest in Japan as a whole. On the other hand, the water depth is 13.3m, the shallowest of the Fuji Five Lakes. It is designated as Fuji Hakone Izu National Park. It is registered as a World Cultural Heritage as part of the component of “Mt. Fuji-Object of Faith and Source of Art”. Lake Yamanaka is popular as a sightseeing spot because of its many morning and evening scenery and Mt. Fuji view spots, attracting about 4 million tourists annually. In the morning and evening, many people visit the lake shore for photo shoots, and in spring and summer, many tourists enjoy bicycle rentals and boats. Centered around the Lake Yamanaka Park in the Asahioka area, there are many university and corporate recreational facilities, literature museums, art museums, and lodging facilities.

You go to Japan!

You can go from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji in an hour!

Vous partez au Japon !

Vous pouvez aller de Tokyo au Mont Fuji en une heure !
Du gehst nach Japan!
Sie können in einer Stunde von Tokio zum Berg Fuji fahren!