See New York in the 1930s

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See New York in the 1930s!

Découvrez New York dans les années 1930 !

La plus grande ville du monde !
prestige américain !

Se New York på 1930-talet

看看 1930 年代的纽约!
New York in the 1930s that Americans don’t know!

พบกับนิวยอร์กในช่วงทศวรรษที่ 1930

Sehen Sie New York in den 1930er Jahren!
Die größte Stadt der Welt!
Amerikanisches Prestige!

Zie New York in de jaren dertig!

De grootste stad ter wereld!
Amerikaans aanzien!
Vous faites du tourisme à New York !

New York in the mid 1930’s in Color!

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Rick88888888.
Extremely interesting long film about New York towards the end of the Great Depression. This film is in colour, motion-stabilized, enhanced and speed-corrected by me. Duration: nearly 42 minutes. Press the ‘SHOW MORE’ button for far more info! The film shows many images of New York’s buildings (Empire State, Chrysler and Woolworth buildings a.o), Bridges, Aircraft, Neon lights and Steamships. Especially the footage of the famous ocean liners RMS Queen Mary, which was brand new at that time, and the SS Normandie and SS Conte di Savoia footage (in color!) is intriguing. The film was probably made by a wealthy family involving an elderly lady who appears half a dozen times in the film. Maybe they booked the famous SS Normandie cruise to Rio in Feb.1938 or Feb.1939.
Please note that the film has NOT been artificially colourized; it is original Kodak (?) color film. Do take a look at the other material on my channel.
Update: after reading all the comments, the concensus seems to be that most, if not all of this film was shot around the Christmas period of 1937.
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