Printemps à Kyoto ! Les cerisiers fleurissent !

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Printemps à Kyoto !

Les cerisiers fleurissent !

Vous voyez le printemps au Japon !
Spring in Kyoto!
Cherry blossoms bloom!
You see spring in Japan!

Frühling in Kyōto!

Kirschblüten blühen!
Sie sehen den Frühling in Japan!
Lente in Kioto!
Kersenbloesems bloeien!
Je ziet de lente in Japan!
Vår i Kyoto!
Körsbärsblommor blommar!
Du ser våren i Japan!
You travel in the spring of Kyoto!

4K 2022 Japan Kyoto Cherry Blossom

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Discover Nippon.
DATE:4~8 April 2022 Kyoto is the iconic tourist spot of Japan and its best season is spring.
Cherry blossoms in Kyoto usually start blooming in late March and reach in full bloom in early April.
On average, the blooming period only lasts for two weeks. All over the city clouds of beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and draw visitors from every corner of Japan and the world.
Kyoto is arguably the most popular city for cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

You saw!

Cherry blossoms in Kyoto!
Vous avez vu!
Fleurs de cerisier à Kyoto !

Vous partez au Japon !

Le Japon vous attend !