Introducing excellent videos to know about North Korea

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Introducing excellent videos to know about North Korea!
North Korea is a satellite state of the former Soviet Union!
They were founded with the support of a Japanese espionage agency (Nakano School)!

They advocate Marxism!

However, their true identity is a national system based on the feudalism (Confucianism) and patriarchy of the Korean Peninsula!
They are confronting the United States by developing nuclear weapons with the support of Russia and China!

Westerners consider them a modern nation!

They even took advantage of the United States!
You know North Korea, a bizarre nation!

North Korea – Life Inside the Secret State

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Mediatime Network.
“North Korea – Life Inside the Secret State” (2015). Full documentary movie. Director: James Jones. Starring: David Harewood, Kim Jong Un.
SYNOPSIS While the elite bask in luxury in the capital city, children starve on the streets from artificial food shortages orchestrated by a corrupt government.
Sad fact for North Korea ns under Kim Jong Un. Covert North Korean filmmakers reveal how brave smugglers, both in and outside the country, are breaking down the barriers between the oppressed and the outside world through a secret trade of media.
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You know North Korea

Also, Russia and China never consider North Korea a companion!

Far East Asia is nervous!

The engine of the intercontinental ballistic missile developed by North Korea was procured through Ukraine!
This information is being investigated by Japan’s foreign public security agencies!
Anglo-Americans should wake up!