How to win Mega Million and Powerball

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How to win Mega Million and Powerball!

You are poor

You want to change your life with the lottery!
You practice!
How to win Mega Million and Powerball!

Nine articles to win big prizes

1. Be kind to your neighbor

2. Don’t get angry
3. Love yourself more than let others love you
4. Have gratitude

5. Believe

6. Don’t give up
7. Be kind to the opposite sex

8. Thank you for being alive

9. Don’t think of yourself as a poor man

You keep these nine articles

You will definitely win the lottery!
You are the chosen being of God and Buddha!
Now, think about what happened after you won the lottery!
Buying a home!
Buy a new car!
Planning an overseas trip!
Repayment of debt!
Plan for a night out!

Life is fun!

You will surely be happy!
Your life hasn’t started yet!