Avant garde painter of contemporary Russian art

The Soul World
The Soul World

Glass Mosaic Gallery!
Avant-garde painter of contemporary Russian art!


The world of glass!
His style is full of delicacy and humor!
There are no borders in art!
He is pursuing beauty!
The magnificent land of Russia!
It comes to my eyes!
Apprenez à connaître les peintres russes contemporains!
nouveau monde!
Couleur et humour !
Il n’y a pas de frontières dans l’art !



Lernen Sie zeitgenössische russische Maler kennen

neue Welt!
Farbe und Humor!
In der Kunst gibt es keine Grenzen!
Mosaic painting, a European tradition!
His method is avant-garde!

La peinture mosaïque, une tradition européenne !

Sa méthode est avant-gardiste !
A new face that inherits the Russian tradition!

Mosaic by Leo Novoro

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Leo Novoro.
Glass mosaic is a luxurious and formidable creation of art. Very rare, almost unique thing in the contemporary world.
Mosaïque de verre est une luxueuse et formidable création de l’art. Très rare, presque unique chose dans le monde contemporain.
Harmony of light and color!
The world with blue eyes!

New world painter

Now the world is looking for his painting!