New world!Lego block!

Model and Model of Radio Control
Model and Model of Radio ControlThe Soul World

New world!
He imagined a new world with Lego blocks!

Nouveau monde!

Il a imaginé un nouveau monde avec des blocs Lego !
Neue Welt!
Er stellte sich eine neue Welt mit Legosteinen vor!
Новый мир!
Он представил себе новый мир с блоками Lego!
ny värld!
Han föreställde sig en ny värld med legoklossar!

Lego Garden Train Set Ride, that’s 120m / 393feet long

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / TrainGuy 659.
Everyones favorite Lego Train Set, set up around a house during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This Lego Train set is some other footage I had from Christmas New Year’s 2020/21. 2022 Awesome Lego Train Set will be out, sometime after New Year’s Eve 2021 Lego Train Road Trip is on it’s way soon.
The world you don’t know is wide!
Le monde que vous ne connaissez pas est vaste !

Lego as a gift for children

Lego for Christmas gifts!
Lego as a gift for yourself!
Lego is creating a new world!