Earthquake in Japan

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Les Français ne connaissent pas les séismes japonais !
Earthquake in Japan!

Japan is an earthquake powerhouse

In Japan, earthquakes that cause buildings to collapse occur on a daily basis!

Tremblement de terre au Japon !

Le Japon est une centrale sismique !
Au Japon, des tremblements de terre provoquant l’effondrement d’immeubles se produisent quotidiennement !



Erdbeben in Japan!

Japan ist ein Erdbebenkraftwerk!
In Japan kommt es täglich zu Erdbeben, die Gebäude zum Einsturz bringen!

Землетрясение в Японии

Япония — это сейсмостанция!
В Японии землетрясения, вызывающие обрушение зданий, происходят ежедневно!

Jordbävning i Japan!

Japan är ett jordbävningskraftverk!
I Japan inträffar dagligen jordbävningar som får byggnader att kollapsa!
Le tremblement de terre de 2011 au large de la côte Pacifique du Tohoku était un énorme tremblement de terre qui s’est produit à 14 : 46 : 18,1 le 11 mars 2011, avec l’épicentre dans l’océan Pacifique du Japon!
La magnitude du tremblement de terre était de 9,0, ce qui était la plus importante de l’histoire de l’observation au Japon!
The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake was a huge earthquake that occurred at 14: 46: 18.1 on March 11, 2011, with the epicenter in the Pacific Ocean of Japan!
The magnitude of the earthquake was 9.0, which was the largest in the history of observation in Japan!

M6.5 & 7.3 Earthquakes Hit Fukushima, Japan

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Disaster Compilations.
A 7.3-magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan on Wednesday, cutting power to millions of homes and leading to a tsunami advisory being issued around the Fukushima prefecture, where a 2011 quake caused a disaster at a nuclear power plant.
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida later said “no abnormalities” had been detected at any of the country’s nuclear plants. A bullet train derailed near Fukushima as a result of the earthquake but no injuries were reported, he said at a press conference.
People injured from the quake have been taken to the hospital in Fukushima’s Soma city, Kyodo News agency reported, without specifying the number of people injured. Power has been restored in all of Tokyo, Tokyo Electric Power said.
Japan’s Meteorological Agency on Thursday urged the public to watch out for more seismic activity in the next few days.
Masaki Nakamura, an official from the agency, urged people in affected areas to stay away from the coast and not to enter the sea until tsunami advisories had been lifted.
He also urged people to remain vigilant over the risk of mudslides.
The quake had a preliminary epicenter depth of 60 kilometers (37 miles), and the tsunami advisory was made for Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures in eastern Japan, the agency said. It warned of tsunami heights reaching up to 1 meter above normal tidal levels, with the initial waves reaching shore around midnight local time (11 a.m. ET). At around 12.29 am local time Thursday (12.29 pm ET Wednesday), an 8-inch tsunami occurred along the coastline of Miyagi prefecture in Japan, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency, which also urged people in affected areas to stay away from the coast as a tsunami advisory remains in place. Read more: https: // …

Japan is an earthquake powerhouse!

In Japan, volcanoes explode and the earth is shaking all year round!

Le Japon est une centrale sismique !

Au Japon, les volcans explosent et la terre tremble toute l’année!
Japan is een krachtpatser voor aardbevingen!
In Japan exploderen vulkanen en schudt de aarde het hele jaar door!

Japan ist ein Erdbebenkraftwerk!

In Japan explodieren Vulkane und die Erde bebt das ganze Jahr über!