Kyoto au printemps

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Kyoto au printemps !

Les fleurs de prunier fleurissent !

Les amoureux se parlent !
Vous allez à Kyoto !
Allons au Japon !

Kyoto in spring!

Plum blossoms bloom!
Lovers talk to each other!
You go to Kyoto!
Let’s go to Japan!



Kyoto im Frühling!

Pflaumenblüten blühen!
Verliebte reden miteinander!
Du gehst nach Kyoto!
Lass uns nach Japan gehen!
Киото весной!

Цветет слива

Влюбленные разговаривают друг с другом!
Вы едете в Киото!
Едем в Японию!
Kioto in de lente!
Pruimenbloesems bloeien!
Liefhebbers praten met elkaar!
Jij gaat naar Kyoto!
Laten we naar Japan gaan!

Kyoto au printemps est chaud !

Cependant, Kyoto en été est tropicale et Kyoto en hiver est Alaska !

Japan spring 2022

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Discover Nippon.
DATE: March 2022 Famous Spots for Plum Blossoms in Kyoto. Jonangu Shrine and Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. You can expect to see plum blossom in Kyoto from early-February to beginning of March, and every year people celebrate them as they herald the start of spring. Kyoto boasts a rich variety of plum blossoms scattered on the grounds of many temples & shrines. t ’s amazing when you take a stroll along the plum garden paths and smell the sweet fragrance coming off the ume petals.(Quote / Reprint / End

Kyoto in spring is warm!

However, Kyoto in the summer is tropical and Kyoto in the winter is Alaska!
Waiting for you in Japan!

Vous attend au Japon !

Les Français viennent au Japon !