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Printemps à Kyoto

-Item Introduction-
- La vie au Japon-
- La vie au Japon--- Leben in JapanLa vida cotidiana en JapónSee the scenery of JapanThe Soul WorldWorld Food-Are you hungry? Do you want to grab a bite?-Жизнь в Японииการเดินทางไปญี่ปุ่น-Tokyo Fortune Telling-日本的生活-日本的真相-
-Item Introduction-

Printemps à Kyoto !

Un voyage au Japon !

Le printemps à Kyoto est magnifique !
Les cerisiers sont en fleurs !
La vie est perdue !

Spring in Kyoto!

A trip to Japan!
Spring in Kyoto is beautiful!
Cherry blossoms are in bloom!
Life is lost!



Frühling in Kyōto!

Eine Reise nach Japan!
Der Frühling in Kyoto ist wunderschön!
Kirschblüten blühen!
Das Leben ist verloren!

Vår i Kyoto

En resa till Japan!
Våren i Kyoto är vacker!
Körsbärsblommor blommar!
Livet är förlorat!

4K Japan Kyoto Cherry Blossom

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Discover Nippon.
29 March ~ 2 April 2021 Kyoto Cherry Blossom 2021. Cherry blossom season is one of the most popular times of the year in Japan. Kyoto, the former capital of Japan, is a cultural city renowned for their age-old cultural practices. Kyoto is the iconic tourist spot of Japan and its best season is spring.
All over the city clouds of beautiful cherry blossoms bloom and draw visitors from every corner of Japan and the world. Peak bloom in the Kyoto was reached on March 26 this year, the earliest since the Japan Meteorological Agency started collecting the data in 1953. * Correction) At 17:25 seconds in the video, “Hanshin train Arashiyama station” is displayed in the video, but it was an error of “Hankyu train Arashiyama station”. Correct.

Printemps, été, automne et hiver !

Il y a beaucoup de touristes à Kyoto !
Let’s go to Japan!
let’s go to Kyoto!

You change your life

Allons au Japon !
allons à Kyoto !
Vous changez votre vie !
Låt oss åka till Japan!
låt oss åka till Kyoto!
Du förändrar ditt liv!
Spring, summer, autumn and winter!
There are many tourists in Kyoto!