A mysterious case of the Internet that transcends time and space

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A mysterious case of the Internet that transcends time and space!
A mysterious message delivered to a computer screen from a person in the 16th century! “Doddleston Message”!
This mysterious message is said to have come not only from people in the past, but also from people in the future in 2109!
Dodleston, a quiet village in Wales, southwest England!

A quiet village where medieval ghosts roam

The era of personal computer communication!
The computer screen of Mr. Ken Webster, a teacher who lives in this area …
From one day in December 1984, a mysterious message began to reach the screen!

This Mysterious Computer

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Nostalgia Nerd.
Go to https://curiositystream.thld.co/NERD and use code NERD to save 25% off today, that’s only $ 14.99 a year. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for sponsoring today’s video. A BBC Micro was sitting on a counter, when it suddenly started receiving mysterious messages, which appeared to come from the 16th century.
This might have gone unnoticed had local teachers, Ken Webster and Peter Trinder, not investigated to find that information was so accurate, it would be almost impossible to fake. This whole event was documented in the book “The Vertical Plane”, published in 1989. But here, tonight, we investigate deep to find out exactly what this is all about.
“True are the nightmares of a person that fears, safe are the bodies of the silent world.”

“Doddleston Message” that lasted 16 months

You know!