Stands de nourriture japonaise ! Préfecture de Fukuoka !

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Stands de nourriture japonaise !

Préfecture de Fukuoka !

Japanese food stalls!
Fukuoka Prefecture!



Japanische Essensstände!

Präfektur Fukuoka!
L’ouest du Japon, la région de Kyushu et la préfecture de Fukuoka sont célèbres pour leurs stands de nourriture!
Cependant, ces étals sont destinés aux touristes et coûtent cher!
Western Japan, Kyushu region, and Fukuoka prefecture are famous for food stalls!

However, these stalls are for tourists and are expensive!

West-Japan, de regio Kyushu en de prefectuur Fukuoka staan ​​bekend om de eetstalletjes!
Deze kraampjes zijn echter voor toeristen en duur!

Stands de la préfecture de Fukuoka

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / 10 minute.
Fukuoka Yatai(やたい/屋台) Culture Rare Japanese Street Food in Japan Fukuoka Yatai A yatai is a Japanese food stall. Since the Edo period these have sprung up along busy roads.
Most yatai, or rotensho, temporary stalls, are set up during matsuri or festive events.
There are, however, permanent stands too. From 6pm the yatai welcome many office workers that come to eat and relax after work, as well as visitors from other cities wanting a quick place to dine.
Some of the most popular yatai even become famous, more so than the restaurants found nearby!
Yatai food is certainly not the finest or healthiest, but it is always satisfying and usually accompanied by beer.
The most common stands will offer you ramen, yakisoba, okonomiyaki, oden and sometimes yakitori skewers or various local specialties.

You go to Japan

Fukuoka prefecture is waiting for you!

Vous partez au Japon !

La préfecture de Fukuoka vous attend !
Vous voyagez!
Vous changez vos valeurs !
Le monde vous veut !

Du gehst nach Japan!

Die Präfektur Fukuoka wartet auf Sie!
Du reist!
Sie ändern Ihre Werte!
Die Welt will dich!