A trip to Japan! Midnight express!

See the scenery of Japan
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Un voyage au Japon !
Express de minuit !

Les femmes occidentales voyageant au Japon !

A trip to Japan!
Midnight express!
Western women traveling in Japan!
Eine Reise nach Japan!
Westliche Frauen, die in Japan reisen!


Западные женщины едут в Японию!
Япония — железнодорожная электростанция. В Японии ходят ночные поезда!
Однако количество ночных поездов невелико!
Een reis naar Japan!
Middernacht express!
Westerse vrouwen reizen in Japan!
¡Un viaje a Japón!
¡El expreso de medianoche!
¡Mujeres occidentales viajando por Japón!

Japanese night train / 日本夜行列车

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Aurora On The Mountain.
I spent the night on one of Japan’s last over night trains from Tokyo to Izumo, near the Sea of ​​Japan. This train goes once daily from Tokyo station and since passengers have started to stop using the overnight trains, there isnt many left in Japan.
This one is special however, as it travels directly to Izumo, which is said to be the birth place of Japan as we know it. There are many things to do and visit in Izumo and surrounding areas like Matsue.
The reason I went to Izumo was to visit Izumo Taisha as it is one of the oldest and most important shrines in all of Japan!
Japan is a railway powerhouse!
However, railway companies are screaming due to the sharp decrease in foreign visitors to Japan caused by corona and the declining birthrate and aging population!

Le Japon est une centrale ferroviaire

Cependant, les compagnies de chemin de fer hurlent en raison de la forte diminution du nombre de visiteurs étrangers au Japon causée par la couronne, la baisse du taux de natalité et le vieillissement de la population!