Voyage au Japon!Un anglo-saxon mange des sushis à Tokyo !

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Voyage au Japon!

Un anglo-saxon mange des sushis à Tokyo !

Anglo-Saxon eats sushi in Tokyo!
Англо-саксонцы едят суши в Токио!
Angelsachse isst Sushi in Tokio!


Tokyo est un lieu sacré pour les sushis!
Poisson frais!
marché! Vous connaissez le Japon !
Tokyo is a sacred place for sushi!
Fresh fish!
You know Japan!


Het is van hoge klasse!
Het gewone volk kan niet eten!
Het is van hoge klasse!
Het gewone volk kan niet eten!

Tokyo sushi

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Mark Wiens.
NOTE: In saying “Best Sushi in Japan”, I’m not saying this particular restaurant is the best sushi in Japan, but that the sushi journey, from Tsukiji fish auction, to the middle man who the best sushi chefs in the world get their tuna from (where we visited), to the omakase style of eating sushi –it’s the entire process that’s the best in the world of sushi. We started off by going to the Tsukiji Fish Market tuna auction, that takes place early in the morning.
The famous fish market is the biggest tuna auction in the world, and the best tuna that you get just about anywhere in the world for top end sushi restaurants comes through Tsukiji Market.
We met up with Sushi Master Hiro Sato, who brought us around the market and took us to the Tuna King (Yamaguki), who is known for buying tuna and reselling on the best tuna to the best of the best of sushi restaurants in Tokyo.
It was fascinating to have an opportunity to visit Tsukiji Market for the fish auction, and to see the tuna being sliced ​​in front of your eyes. Sushi Arai –For dinner, we had reservations at one of the best restaurants in Tokyo for sushi, a restaurant called Sushi Arai.
Our Best of Tokyo food tour had the entire 8 seater restaurant to ourselves, and it was pure joy Then it was time for sushi, and Chef Arai is a master, he literally just flies with his hands, gathering the fish in one hand and the ball of rice in the other, This was one of the best sushi experiences I’ve ever had in my life, and the quality, balance, and perfection of the sushi, is next level. Price –About 34,000 JPY ($ 300) per person It was an amazing day of learning about the best sushi in Japan, both from the Tsukiji Market auction side, and the distribution of the tuna, all the way to eating at one of the top luxury sushi restaurants in Tokyo.
Vous venez au Japon et mangez des sushis !

Le Japon vous attend !

Vous venez au Japon et mangez des sushis !
Le Japon vous attend !