Will Chinese troops attack US troops from Antarctica?

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Will Chinese troops attack US troops from Antarctica?


Les troupes chinoises attaqueront-elles les troupes américaines depuis l’Antarctique ?
The Chinese army tested the “Partial Orbital Bombing System (FOBS)” in August 2021. This missile attacks enemy lands and ships from low altitude at supersonic speeds.
L’armée chinoise a testé le “Système de bombardement orbital partiel (FOBS)” en août 2021. Ce missile attaque les terres et les navires ennemis à basse altitude à des vitesses supersoniques.
Die chinesische Armee testete im August 2021 das “Partial Orbital Bombing System (FOBS)”. Diese Rakete greift feindliche Länder und Schiffe aus geringer Höhe mit Überschallgeschwindigkeit an.
This missile can outwit the MD of the US mainland, which is supposed to fly via the Arctic Circle, and attack via Antarctica.
They practice the art of war of the Art of War!

【DF-17 / Chinese hypersonic missile】

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / NHN New Horizon.

This missile has Mach 5 and Mach 10 velocities

Due to extreme speed and unpredictable trajectory It will neutralize the missile defense of the US and Russian troops!

Ce missile a des vitesses de Mach 5 et Mach 10

En raison de la vitesse extrême et de la trajectoire imprévisible Il neutralisera la défense antimissile des troupes américaines et russes!
The technology of this missile is said to have been diverted from Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union!
Chinese don’t waste their efforts!