Chinese stealth fighter J-20!

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Chinese stealth fighter J-20!

Chasseur furtif chinois J-20 !

Chinesischer Tarnkappenjäger J-20!
Китайский стелс-истребитель J-20!
Kinesisk stealth fighter J-20!
¡El caza furtivo chino J-20!

The Chinese army is building up

Purchased technology from Russia, Germany and France and stole the latest technology from the United States!

They are serious

The Chinese army has become the second largest stealth fighter in the world!

L’armée chinoise se renforce

J’ai acheté de la technologie en Russie, en Allemagne et en France et j’ai volé la dernière technologie aux États-Unis !
Ils sont sérieux!
L’armée chinoise est devenue le deuxième plus grand chasseur furtif au monde !

J-20 / Chinese trump card

* Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Superflanker Studio.
This is the most advanced stealth fighter J-20 of the Chinese Air Force. Its outstanding flight performance and unique engine roar left a deep impression on the flight performance at the 2021 China Air Show. I captured its three flights with a Sony A1 camera and A7S3 camera, which was extremely shocking!

Currently, the F-22 is no longer in production

However, the Chinese military J-20 is increasing production!
Actuellement, le F-22 n’est plus en production !
Pourtant, le J-20 militaire chinois augmente sa production !
The J-20 is a monster that combines Russian design with American technology!

J-20 是结合了俄罗斯设计和美国技术的怪物

Le J-20 est un monstre qui combine le design russe avec la technologie américaine!

Is Chinese J-20 a better stealth fighter than F-35?

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Binkov’s Battlegrounds.
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The video explores the newest Chinese J-20 stealth fighter and the mainstay of US future fighter fleet, the F-35. How do they compare? Which one is better in air to air and air to ground ops? The video offers a detailed technical analysis and gives a final verdict.

The evolution of the Chinese army will not stop

L’évolution de l’armée chinoise ne s’arrêtera pas !
Эволюция китайской армии не остановится!