A trip to Japan! A mysterious white woman travels to Japan

- La vie au Japon-
- La vie au Japon--- Leben in JapanLa vida cotidiana en JapónThe Soul WorldTo All ArabsЖизнь в Японииการเดินทางไปญี่ปุ่น-Tokyo Fortune Telling-日本的生活-日本的真相-

A trip to Japan!

A mysterious white woman travels to Japan

Un voyage au Japon !
Une mystérieuse femme blanche voyage au Japon !


Eine Reise nach Japan!
Eine mysteriöse weiße Frau reist nach Japan!

You go to Japan

You are looking for Japan!
Japan is waiting for you!

Don’t Waste Your Time In Japan

* Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / Currently Hannah.
So after living in Japan for nearly 7 years in total and making videos on youtube for 3 of them, I realised that I’ve never actually made a definitive list of all my Japan travel tips and advice all together so here it is. International travel is starting to open up around the world so when Japan follows suit, you’ve now got all the advice you need to plan the best trip possible. Gosh damn I can’t wait till everyone can come visit! Come say hi in Osaka aaaa.
Japan is interesting!

Japan is a foreign country

You go to Japan!

And it will make a big difference in your life

Japan is also a country that is kind to white women!
In Japan, white women are worshiped!
Because Japan lost the war with the United States!

You go

Japan is waiting for you!
You look it up!
Hotel! Air ticket!
You live!