Sweden’s “Jetson” that changes the world’s sky!

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In 2021, a company that surpasses Tesla will be born

Swedish startup Jetson officially announced the one-seater eVTOL machine “Jetson One”!

Sweden’s “Jetson” that changes the world’s sky

I oktober 2021 tillkännagav svenska startupen Jetson officiellt den ensitsiga eVTOL-maskinen “Jetson One”!
Den planerade produktionsvolymen för 2022 är redan slutsåld!
En octobre 2021, la startup suédoise Jetson a officiellement annoncé la machine eVTOL monoplace « Jetson One ».
I oktober 2021 tillkännagav svenska startupen Jetson officiellt den ensitsiga eVTOL-maskinen “Jetson One”.
En octubre de 2021, la startup sueca Jetson anunció oficialmente la máquina eVTOL monoplaza “Jetson One”.
Em outubro de 2021, a startup sueca Jetson anunciou oficialmente a máquina eVTOL de um lugar “Jetson One”.
Im Oktober 2021 kündigte das schwedische Startup Jetson offiziell die einsitzige eVTOL-Maschine „Jetson One“ an.
В октябре 2021 года шведский стартап Jetson официально анонсировал одноместную машину eVTOL «Jetson One».
2021年10月,瑞典初创公司Jetson正式发布了单座eVTOL机“Jetson One”。
Jetson One is a one-seater eVTOL machine with an aluminum frame. It is equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery and keeps the weight of the aircraft to 86 kg.
Jetson One est une machine eVTOL monoplace avec un cadre en aluminium. Il est équipé d’une batterie lithium-ion de grande capacité et maintient le poids de l’avion à 86 kg.

Mais le temps de vol n’est que de 15 minutes !

But the flight time is only 15 minutes!

Jetson One Official Release

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Todays News / This video covers the official launch of the Jetson One drone from Jetson Aero. You can see more or order one for yourself at https://www.jetsonaero.com/ This video will show you the Jetson 1 up close and go over the main specs, the Jetson One price, and the current availability. The future is here! Since our grandfathers were kids, we have dreamed of flying in 3 dimensions, just like the heroes in our favorite Star Trek and Star Wars sci-fi movies. Now that time has come. Anyone with just $92,000 can purchase one of these incredible eVTOL personal aerial vehicles with vertical take-off and landing capability. You can literally take off and land from anywhere! The Jetson One drone is now available for purchase. You can reserve your spot for the 2023 Jetson 1 here: https://www.jetsonaero.com/
You can contact Peter directly by emailing Jetson Aero here: peter@jetsonaero.com You can also phone Peter and Jeston Aero here: +46 70-530 06 89
Original Jetson One Launch video from Jeston Aero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzhRE… (video credit).
“Jetson One” can achieve a maximum flight speed of 63mph (about 102km / h).
“Jetson One” peut atteindre une vitesse de vol maximale de 63 mph (environ 102 km/h).
“Jetson One” kann eine maximale Fluggeschwindigkeit von 63mph (ca. 102km/h) erreichen.

Electric VTOL Jetson ONE “Flying Car”

* Quoted / reprinted from YouTube / Jetson / We are having too much fun testing our latest Jetson ONE prototype!
Just a short teaser filmed during recent video shoot.
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The price of “Jetson” is $ 92,000

In oktober 2021 kondigde de Zweedse startup Jetson officieel de eenzitter eVTOL-machine “Jetson One” aan!
Het geplande productievolume voor 2022 is al uitverkocht!

Will Jetson surpass Tesla?

Sweden changes the world sky!
Jetson 会超越特斯拉吗?