Very popular in Japan!A couple that changes the world!

The Soul World
The Soul World- La vie au Japon-

Very popular in Japan!
A couple that changes the world!

Un couple très populaire au Japon

Les deux vont voyager au Japon !
In Japan, there are couples who change the world!
The two are traveling in Japan by making their own camper vans!
They are destroying the values ​​of the world!
They are the traveling transformants of the world!
Un mystérieux couple voyageant au Japon !
Ett mystiskt par som reser i Japan!

¡Una pareja misteriosa que viaja por Japón

Um casal misterioso viajando pelo Japão!
Ein mysteriöses Paar reist durch Japan!
Een mysterieus stel op reis in Japan!


Загадочная пара путешествует по Японии!
Come to Japan and change your life!

Couple traveling in Japan

*YouTubeから引用 / 転載 / Bappa Shota.

They are happy

Why are you alone?
Can you stay like this?
Are you happy with your life?


*YouTubeから引用 / 転載 / Bappa Shota.

The two travel to Japan

Hokkaido, Rebun Island, Tohoku region, all over Japan!
Why are you lonely?

You are not alone

Open your heart!

And come to Japan!

You are not alone!

Vous venez au Japon !

Le Japon accueille les visiteurs français au Japon!