US Department of Homeland Security reconnaissance aircraft VSUFO

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US Department of Homeland Security reconnaissance aircraft VSUFO!
The shooting date is around 9:00 pm on November 23, 2019!
It was taken by a US Department of Homeland Security reconnaissance aircraft (Fairchild C-26) investigating drug smuggling in Tucson, Arizona.

The world was shocked

En 2019, un avion de reconnaissance américain rencontre un OVNI en Arizona !
2019 trifft ein US-Aufklärungsflugzeug in Arizona auf ein UFO!
В 2019 году американский самолет-разведчик встретил НЛО в Аризоне!


¡En 2019, un avión de reconocimiento de EE. UU. Se encuentra con un ovni en Arizona!
Em 2019, um avião de reconhecimento dos EUA encontra um OVNI no Arizona!
In 2019 ontmoet een Amerikaans verkenningsvliegtuig een UFO in Arizona!
This video has changed the social structure of the United States!


*Quoted/reprinted from YouTube /NY UAP DISCUSSION/I am finally proud to present to you guys the very FIRST legitimate footage of a genuine UAP craft tracked for over 40 minutes by the department of Homeland Security using FLIR optics system in black hot mode. The footage was captured by an RC-26 reconnaissance plane looking for drug smugglers somewhere over Tuscon Arizona. The object was spotted 20 minutes into the footage and was tracked for a full 40 minutes until the footage ended. The object in question has been verified as anomalous by the organization which analyzed the footage, however, that analysis will be released later on in the year as it is still going through its peer review stage. The object in question is traveling anywhere between 90-200 mph as it flies over the desert surface and is also changing direction as it flies. It is estimated to be about 5 or 6 ft long and looks to have a second smaller appendage that flies with it but it is still uncertain if the smaller orb like object is actually a part of the main one or separate from the main. Also there is no clear indication that there is anything between both parts to show they are attached. The object is emitting zero heat yet accelerates and decelerates throughout the footage. The change in speed and direction is evident by the terrain as it changes while the object is being tracked and also the speed can be seen in the upper right hand side of the FLIR info. The object can also be seen rotating as it flies. Birds, balloons, drones, and all other conventional explanation has been ruled out until Mick West gets a hold of this and claims the object is nothing more than a Frisbee thrown by the worlds strongest man. Mick West himself. I wanna give a special Thank you to Dave Falch for all of his help with analyzing this footage for me!! That will be posted next!!!

They exist

The US government is hiding their secrets!

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De Amerikaanse regering verbergt hun geheimen!