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Get to know Japan

A mysterious Anglo-American woman talks about Japan!
Introducing videos of foreign women who are very popular in Japan!
Présentation de vidéos de femmes étrangères très populaires au Japon.
Wir stellen Videos von ausländischen Frauen vor, die in Japan sehr beliebt sind.
Apresentando vídeos de mulheres estrangeiras muito populares no Japão.
Presentando videos de mujeres extranjeras que son muy populares en Japón.
Vi presenterar videor av utländska kvinnor som är mycket populära i Japan.

Anglo-American woman who is very popular in Japan

*YouTubeから引用/転載/Micaela ミカエラ.
Japan is becoming increasingly more popular with tourists from around the world every year. If this is your first time visiting Japan, you may be overwhelmed by all the different cities and attractions! Which is better? Tokyo, or Osaka? Hokkaido, or Okinawa?
For such a small country, you’d be surprised at how different the lifestyle is on opposite ends of it. In this video I took 7 of the top 10 currently most popular cities and described them by atmosphere and vibe, and hopefully this will help you understand the distinct differences when you plan your itinerary.
If you’ve visited Japan many times, or even live here, all of this knowledge may sound like second nature, as it does to me too, but in planning my trip to Vietnam with Tatsu, I realized I didn’t know much about the differences between cities like Ho Chi Minh (Saigon), Hanoi, or Hoi An, and I realized that there are many people out there not sure of the same in Japan.
Hopefully this video is useful for people in that situation! 🙂 Don’t forget to add any information I may have missed!

Basically, Japan is safe

Especially in Tokyo, there are many police boxes and many surveillance cameras!
Therefore, even women can live safely!

However, there are also many heinous crimes

There are also bad foreigners and gangsters in Tokyo who are raping, trafficking and trafficking drugs!
However, there is no disorder in Japan like in North America!
Let’s choose Japan as a travel destination or study abroad destination!