Lonely angler! Go out to the sea!

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Japanese life!


He is lonely!

And I love fishing and sashimi

¡Un pescador japonés que ama el mar y la bebida!
Un pêcheur japonais qui aime la mer et boire !
Ein japanischer Angler, der das Meer und das Trinken liebt!


Японский рыболов, обожающий море и выпивку!
Um pescador japonês que adora o mar e a bebida!
En japansk sportfiskare som älskar havet och dricker!
Een Japanse visser die houdt van de zee en drinken!
He goes out to sea by canoe. He loves sake and sashimi. Japan is surrounded on all sides by the sea. Japanese people like fishing. However, many Japanese anglers are nervous and noisy.
You witness!
Japanese sea fishing!
The sea of ​​Japan is interesting!
La mer du Japon est intéressante !

【Japanese angler / 日本垂钓者

Japanernas och havets historia är lång!
Japanerna är både ett jordbruksfolk och ett marint folk!
The angler in this video uses a cheap lure that is popular in Japan!
Canoe fishing is currently popular in Japan. A boat with an engine requires a license, so it’s hard to own!
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In addition, the Japanese archipelago is long and narrow from north to south, so there are abundant fish species. However, overfishing and poaching from China and the Korean Peninsula have drastically reduced the number of fish in the Sea of ​​Japan.
And in Japan, the coastal areas are covered with concrete due to infrastructure development. Therefore, the shore burning is serious.
The Japanese take the blessings from the sea for granted, so they lack the consciousness to protect the Japanese sea.