A new era of airplane development is planned

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A new era of airplane development is planned

Une nouvelle ère de développement de l’avion est prévue!
Se planea una nueva era de desarrollo de aviones!
Eine neue Ära der Flugzeugentwicklung ist geplant!
Планируется новая эра развития самолетов!
Uma nova era de desenvolvimento de aviões está planejada!
Een nieuw tijdperk van vliegtuigontwikkeling is gepland!
The new era of large passenger planes has six main wings! 70% fuel consumption and 80% CO2 emissions!
This design is inspired by the legendary UMA Skyfish!

SE Aeronautics Launch Video

* Quoted from YouTube / Reprinted / https://www.seaeronautics.com/ SE Aeronautics patent-pending technology has culminated into the SE200, a mid-market wide-body aircraft that will carry up to 264 passengers, function as a light- weight regional or long range airliner with a non-stop range of 10,560 miles.
This aircraft will be the most practical, profitable and permanent solution to the grossly underperforming airliner technology of today. Our manufacturing efficiency will allow us to produce our aircraft in significantly less time than the current traditional method.
This aircraft will reduce fuel consumption by 70% when compared to an another aircraft its size. Additionally, it will reduce CO2 production by 80% as measured by per seat kilometer.

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